Heritage Hockey League


The Heritage Hockey League (HHL)  was established in 1981 in the City of Calgary when six original member teams pooled their ice bookings in order to form a new league. The league has, since it's inception, concentrated on providing a very competitive level of adult recreational hockey. The league has enjoyed tremendous growth over the years and is currently made up of 30 member teams playing within 4 distinct divisions. Over half the member teams currently in the league have been member teams for ten years or more. The league uses (primarily) prime-time ice bookings at several arenas within the City of Calgary.


In 1989 the league became a registered not-for-profit society. Registered in the province of Alberta as the Heritage Hockey League (Calgary) Association the league operates within the guidelines of set bylaws and regulations (see the links on our web site). The league operations are handled by an elected group of officers which include the positions of President, A-Division Director, B-Division Director, 35A-Division Director, 35B - Division Director and Secretary Treasurer.

A Division

This division offers our league's highest level of combined team skill.

Player members normally have hockey backgrounds which include Junior A-B or College/University hockey experience. It is the league's goal to maintain this division as Calgary's best senior mens hockey division in order to offer fast, skilled hockey to player members over 21 years of age.

2017 A-Division Champions - Buzzards